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Igezara, Meiji

Japanese Igezara Blue and White Charger, Meiji Period

Japanese Igezara Blue and White Charger, Meiji Period

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A Meiji period circa 1850 round Japanese Igezara Blue and White Charger.  An early example.

The rougher the underside of the piece, the earlier it is within the range of time during which these items were made. The standard for the majority of the ware was from 1880 to 1910 but many examples come from as early as 1850. This is one such example. The way to determine the era is to be aware of the complete absence of identifying marks, the ridged border glazed in brown and the irregularity of the surface of the underside of the piece.

Igezara ("Ige" means thorn, "zara" means plate) refers to the "piecrust" edge.  When Igezara pieces were freshly pulled from the kiln, the edges of the pinched areas on the piecrust edge were "sharp as thorns" prior to being smoothed down.

The ceramic was purposely thick to withstand the rigours of everyday use.

A few makers hallmarked these pieces, but many did not.

The blue printed pattern seen here is typical of this kind of ware.

15.5" wide

In excellent condition.


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