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Moorcroft Staffordshire Gold Plaque in Frame, Alicia Amison

Moorcroft Staffordshire Gold Plaque in Frame, Alicia Amison

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Moorcroft Staffordshire Gold Plaque, PLQ11, in frame from Moorcroft artist Alicia Amison.

This design is inspired by the designs on the ancient gold Saxon jewellery which formed a part of the "Staffordshire Hoard" which was discovered near Lichfield in 2010. 

Strongly presented bird heads and extended patterns in gold, with green and vibrant wine hued imagery is sturdily set in a nice frame with metallic sheen which nicely sets off this picturesque plaque.  Wired and ready to be mounted on your favourite wall, this will bring a nice touch of prestige to your decor.

This is a discontimued pattern which is no longer directly available from Moorcroft.

7.5" wide

10.5" high


Created from the Moorcroft's studio own mix of Staffordshire clay, formed in their own molds, lathed into the perfect shape, decorated with tube-lined slip, painted according to their artist's designs in their own studio, and twice fired for brilliant colours, Moorcroft pottery remains a beautiful example of the old tradition of high end ceramics making that have been produced on location in Stoke-on Trent in England for hundreds of years. Inspired by the original arts and crafts designs of founder William Moorcroft since 1897, the company continues to produce stunning high quality ceramics today with its team of gifted artists in a continuing tradition of beautiful art pottery.

Small batch productions are a trademark of Moorcroft production that increases its desirability in the collectible market.

All prices in CAD.

Originally founded in 1897 in England, Moorcroft Pottery is a world renowned brand of handmade, hand painted vases, dishes, lamps, artwork, and more. Moorcroft is highly collectible. The world profile of Moorcroft continues to grow internationally, both in quality and in perceived value, making it more popular now than ever.

NOTE:  This item and other currently available Moorcroft pieces which we may not have immediately on display are available from us by special order.  Please contact us directly with any questions you may have.  %%GLOBAL_ShopPathSSL%%/contact-us/ , 780 757 6777, or drop by and see us.

Ibon Antiques is one of only four official retailers of Moorcroft pottery in Canada.  Our showroom features a full display of this fabulous ceramic.



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