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Hummel "Globe Trotter" Goebel figurine.

Hummel "Globe Trotter" Goebel figurine.

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Hummel "Globe Trotter" Goebel figurine.  5" high.  1960's mark.

Hummel figurines were first fashioned in 1934 after the paintings of Sister Maria Innocentia (nee Berta Hummel, 1909 to 1946) by sculptors Reingold Unger (1880 to 1974) and Arthur Moller (1886 to 1972) of W. Goebel Porzelanfabrik in Germany.

The figurines enjoyed a high degree of collectibilty for many years.  They were a favourite item for members of various armed forces stationed in Germany to send to their overseas homes.

In 2008 production of Hummel figurines moved from the Goebel manufactory to the Hochster Porzellan Fabrik company.  


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